At Pinto Canyon, we serve what pets deserve!
Dogs are over the moon for our super premium, all-natural, oven-baked food!
Your pets deserve meals that are nutritious, wholesome, and safe.  As a family that sincerely cares about pets, we're thrilled to be baking food for dogs that meets our high standards.  We're convinced that old-fashioned oven-baking is fundamental to a food that is not only nutritious and flavorful, but also has superior nutrient absorption.  Click here to see what folks are saying about Pinto Canyon 
When Flint River Ranch went out of business we couldn't find anything comparable, just like many of you.  We worked with nutritionists to create our own recipes, formulated to our specifications.  Our recipes are similar to the Flint River Ranch recipes in many ways, such as being oven-baked, each recipe having a single-meat protein, and having similar levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber.  But even better, we have no wheat, corn, or soy, the first ingredient is meat or wild-caught fish, and we added fruits and veggies and prebiotics. And it tastes awesome—we taste every recipe we bake!
A single meat protein in each recipe is important because the meat protein molecule is often responsible for food sensitivies. Being able to feed one meat protein at a time is tremendously helpful in determining which protein is best for your dog, and if your dog can eat them all, it allows for rotation to give your dog variety!
Pinto Canyon food will be available here at soon, but we haven't moved just yet. You can buy it where we've been selling pet food for 20 years at
Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs Grain-Free Recipe with Sweet Potato and Salmon for Dogs Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs
Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Grain-Free Recipe With
Sweet Potato & Salmon
Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe
Chicken, Lamb, fruits, and vegetables from human-grade sources
Free-range chicken and lamb; wild-caught fish
Probiotics—live bacteria essential for a healthy digestive system
Prebiotics—nutrients that feed probiotics and increase mineral absorption
Wholesome vegetables, fruits, and berries
No antibiotics or hormones
No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
No ingredients, vitamins, or minerals from China
No GMO ingredients. No corn, wheat, or soy
Your dogs'll be over the moon, guaranteed!
Free Shipping!  Tax included!
Cat food coming soon!

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