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A Very Hot Day In July
Ceci at 3 Years (left) and Abby at 9 Months

"It's much cooler here in the shade among the flowers."
Abby at 9 Months

Puppy Love
Abby at 9 Months (left) and Ceci at 3 Years

"Oh well, looks like it is going to be a long photo session. I may as well get comfortable and pretend to enjoy it."
Ceci at 4 Years

Among The Decorations On The Mantle
Abby at 1 Year

Posing Together
Abby at 1 Year (left) and Ceci at 4 Years

Breed: MalteseWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: She tries to do everything her big brother does, but is also content just to sit on momma's lap and watch.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She loves to snuggle against my chest with her little face under my chin to sleep at night.
Story: Abby, now 15 months old, is the baby. She is sweet, soft, gentle and loving. She just adores belly rubs. When she is mischievous and I fuss at her, she just rolls over and presents her little tummy for a rub. Of course this melts my heart and I just pick her up and love her. She is definitely our little angel.

Breed: MalteseGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Ceci loves to romp, play ball and chase rabbits.
Favorite Place to Sleep: At night he loves to be held in momma's arms and sleep while we watch T.V.
Story: Ceci has a gorgeous coat of hair and I spend a great deal of time brushing and keeping it clean. He has lots of personality and I can usually read his thoughts by the expression on his face. If he is perturbed, that little nose goes up in the air and he can give you a haughty look that lets you know just who is in control. Ceci and Abby are little angels, our babies.

Staff: Wilma Thomas
Home: Harrisonburg, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 7, 2006

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