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Buddy Boost Probiotic Supplement for Cats and Dogs

Buddy Boost Probiotic Supplement for Cats and Dogs
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Price: 28.99 for 10 oz Shaker

Help your pet stay healthy and active, naturally!

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*Add insulation May through August to keep the live organisms cool and dormant during transit.

Buddy Boost Probiotic Supplement provides beneficial microorganisms to keep your pet's digestive system functioning efficiently and effectively, which is essential for good health and handling daily stresses, such as being left alone. In addition to maintaining overall good health, Buddy Boost significantly reduces gas and other gastrointestinal discomforts, strengthens the immune system, and prevents infections that may otherwise develop in the gastrointestinal tract.

One shaker will last 3 months for a 25-pound dog or cat — that's only 32 cents per day! And that's including shipping! And guaranteed viability of 5 strains of probiotics. Because we keep it refrigerated, it retains maximum viability! And they'll like it! Great health has never been easier!

Did you rescue your pet? Thank you! Rescues so often have a myriad of issues and discomforts — without knowing their background it's difficult to know what to do. Often they've not had proper nutrition. We start their road to happiness and good health by promoting a healthy digestive system. We add Buddy Boost to our rescues' daily care. It works!

A happy customer says: "We happened to come upon the information on your website and decided to give the probiotics a try. One and a half weeks later, we already notice a difference! Ena is regular and Chyna has not had a problem with tummy gas and pain! We cannot thank you enough for providing a solution after seven years of going to vet after vet with no relief for Chyna! We've had suggestions like, increase her fiber, make her drink more water, feed her homemade food - but nothing worked. We are going to recommend your website to all our dog-loving friends." Pet Gallery: Ena and Chyna

For more information about how probiotics work, and references to studies proving their effectiveness, read our Introduction to Probiotics.

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It may take one or two weeks for your pet to feel the benefit from Buddy Boost. For some pets, such as rescued pets (that often have more issues), it may be a very gradual improvement over months. This is because it takes longer for the microorganisms to adequately proliferate in the gastrointestinal tract of some pets than others, depending on many factors.

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