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Left-to-right: Sugar at 3 Years, Meeko at 4 Months, Angel at 3 Years

Breed: Labrador RetrieverGender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River of course!!! Due to allergies we have to stick with the Lamb and Rice or the Trout and Potato.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Michelle's Angel is an AKC Canine Good Citizen, and has dipped her paw into some agility but due to medical problems has not been able to do a whole lot more.

Breed: Chihuahua MixGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Jennifer's Sugar likes to dance.

Breed: Chihuahua MixGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Kristen's Meeko is still to young for anything other than toys.
Story: Meeko is the son of Sugar! And since mom has since moved out Angel is his new Nanna Ang.

Staff: Michelle, Jennifer, and Kristen Peters
Home: Yakima, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: March 6, 2006

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