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"Not another holiday picture!"
April at 3 Years (left) and Auggie at 5 Years

"I thought I saw a gaggle of geese!"

"Dad, is it really you???"

Breed: DachshundWeight: 17 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They love Flint River and have been enjoying it for a long time.
Favorite Activities: Next to eating Flint River Lamb and Rice Kibble they like anything they can chase.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On big brownie, a chair in the sunroom!
We love our fur babies, they are such good cuddlers! The third picture was when we were traveling cross-country we found their father "Oscar" and had to stop for a photo.

Breed: DachshundWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: April, all 12 pounds of her, loves to chase the geese down the hill and into the pound. On her first attempt she couldn't stop and found herself in the pond! She hasn't made that mistake again.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They love to visit their 2 West Highland terrier friends, Spec and Abby who live down the block. Everyday at 4:00 pm April comes to remind me that it is time to go see them. She runs around my office and barks until I finally give in. I don't know how she does this since I haven't taught her to tell time yet!
Story: This brother and sister team of dapple dachshunds live in Virginia but they were born in California.

Staff: Cheryl Williams
Home: Oakton, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: March 6, 2006

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