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A True Gamecock Fan
Schultz at 11 Years

Breed: Weimaraner Weight: 87 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Puppy and Adult Dog Food.
Favorite Activities: I love to walk to the bus stop to pick up my 7 year old best friend. She's the one that let's me "share" her cookies! I love to go for rides! I especially like to go to carpool to pick up my 13 year old best buddy. I sit up really tall in the seat so I can see everyone. All the chicks love me there!!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Anywhere anyone else is! I let my 13 year old best buddy share the bed with me.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I live inside with my family. It is my responsibility to bark at absolutely everyone that walks past my house. I bark really LOUD and I sound like a lion when I growl. I always check to see if my "daddy" is watching, then I run over to him and he rubs my head and ears just like I like it. I can "high five," shake and if you ask me I will tell you I love you.
Story: Schultz was adopted from a friend at 6 weeks old in Lafayette, LA. We were at a time in our life that we needed something extra to love. My now 13 year old son picked the littlest, slowest, fattest one of the group. Little did we know that little fellow would bring so much love to our house. He is the best!! He is truly a part of our family. Although he is a senior citizen now, he is in great shape, the vet said it wouldn't hurt him to loose 5 pounds. He is patient and tolerant and even seems to enjoy being "made up," by my 7 year old little girl. We love Schultz, and feel truly blessed to have Schultz as a part of our family. I just wish he would stop turning on the TV while we are at work!!

Staff: Susan Busbee
Home: Charlotte, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: March 6, 2006

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