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Tsavo at 4 Years (left) and Tucker at 1 Year

Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackGender: Male
Birthday: January 3, 1998
Story: For years, we've had trouble with odd medical problems with Tsavo, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, even though he looked healthy as a horse (and as big as). Most recently, he's had just an odd kind of failure to thrive. I had a feeling (for some reason) that it was the Iams he's been ravenously eating for his entire 8 years. Tucker, the ever-alert Portuguese Water Dog, never seems to experience any problems, except when Mom refuses to throw the ball until it gets too dark to see it. While researching healthy canine diets, I eliminated the Iams and fed both dogs home-cooked food. The improvement in Tsavo has been unbelievable (but rather traumatic for a non-cook)! I'm really looking forward to using the FRR as a healthy, solid base and supplementing with meat, etc. We're waiting for our first order of FRR. I'm sure the boys will love it and am looking forward to providing food that is empowering them rather than insidiously weakening them.

Breed: Portuguese Water DogGender: Male
Birthday: January 31, 2001

Staff: Kris and John Johnson
Home: Longmont, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: March 9, 2006

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