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Bella at 1 Year

Bella at 10 Months

Breed: Great DaneGender: Female
Full Name: Virginia Isabella
Favorite Food: We tried several brands of premium kibble, but they all created problems for Bella and her sensitive tummy. Finally, almost a year ago now, we followed our homoepathic vet's advice and started Bella on Flint River Ranch. We discovered that the Fish N Chips flavor is not only her favorite, but it is the one that yields the best results for her digestive system. She is healthy, has a glossy coat and eats her Fish N Chips every day. She still barks at the UPS guy when he drives up with her monthly shipment, but she's only putting on a show. She really LIKES it when he delivers her favorite food!
Favorite Activities: My favorite thing to do is hike every day with my Mom for 4 or 5 miles up and down the mountains. Mom says I have "buns of steel" from all my running up and down the mountains. (But she keeps wondering why SHE doesn't have buns of steel too since she takes the same walks I do. Dunno!!)
Hi, My name is Bella and I live with my cat sister, Pumpkin, on a 3,000 acre farm in the beautiful West Virginia mountains.

Staff: Carol Ann Fox
Home: Purgitsville, WV
Date Entered into Gallery: March 9, 2006

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