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Ginger at 5 Months (left) and Squirt at 2 Years

Notice Ginger's front legs: she cannot unbend her elbow.

Ginger walks like this. We are hoping to have some surgery to correct it. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please email me.

Breed: Standard PoodleWeight: 20 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Raw carrots, raw veggies of any kind, and Flint River.
Favorite Activities: Tug-o-war with Lucy, our bassett/corgi/lab mix, and biting my gorilla slippers as I walk.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Under my office chair, under the air hockey table or on the couch.
Story: Born one of 8 standard poodles, she was abandoned by her mother, who would not feed her (probably because of the leg defect) and was going to be euthanized. I offered to adopt and care for her. At one month she weighed just 10 ounces, and had been bottle fed from birth. The vet suggested that she might have a liver shunt, as she was not thriving. (When we got her, her siblings were about 10 lbs.) We started her on Flint River for puppies right away. She has now grown into a lovely dog, at 5 months weighing in at about 20 pounds. We are hoping that if there was a liver shunt, that it has closed, and it looks good, as she is thriving!
Ginger now weighs about 33 pounds. She is getting quite proficient in it. She was not a good candidate for elbow replacement surgery as hoped, so we decided to have a cart built specifically for her. You will notice that her beautiful red color has faded to a very pretty light brown.
We want to let you all know that our Ginger has come to the end of her time with us. About a week ago her right hind leg suddenly went bad. That left her with two front legs that didn’t work well due to their permanent crook, and one good hind leg. Dad faithfully carried her out to do her numbers thrice daily because she just could not walk hardly at all. The vet in Payson did not think there was anything broken, and he gave us some anti-inflammatory pills that didn’t seem to improve the situation. But alas, the bad hind leg was not the whole story with Ginger. At the family reunion a month ago, Michelle had noted that we might want to consider putting her to sleep because she continues to nip at people and otherwise engages in anti-social behavior for whatever reason. We therefore, after considering all angles, felt that putting her to sleep would be for the best. The young doctor in Payson was pleased to do the task for us in a reasonable manner. She went right to sleep peacefully after a short poke. Ginger started off nearly ten years ago with two crooked legs, but when Michelle brought her home—despite the crooked legs—she was a cutie and so we decided to keep her. She was a good dog in many ways, but was always frustrated by her physical handicap and anti-social inclinations. On balance, we are glad we were able to give her a chance at life. If there is a doggie heaven she will be there with four good legs and then we can finally take her for a decent walk once in a while. We will miss her.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Food: Raw food diet.
Story: We got Squirt for our son's birthday in August 2003. Shortly thereafter, while we were away at a 4-H activity, she was injured, we're not sure how. The caregiver could never find her while we were gone. Several days later our neighbor found her in the sagebrush, unable to walk, and bleeding badly. We took her to the vet, who wanted to put her down. We said no, we will nurse her back to health using natural methods. We did give her antibiotics for several days so she wouldn't get an infection. The bleeding eventually stopped, but she had lots of internal injuries. After a few weeks she could walk again, but her front left leg was permanently mangled. You can see it in the picture. She lost her tail, as it had been broken in 2 places, and eventually died and fell off. She cannot eliminate on her own, so someone has to express her every few hours. That's why the diaper! She is a loving and patient cat, considering what she has been through.

Staff: Marilyn Tenney
Home: Southern Nevada, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: March 23, 2006

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