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Kali at 8 Years

Tike at 2 Years

Annie at 3 Years

Breed: Welsh Springer Spaniel/Labrador Retriever MixGender: Female
Favorite Activities: I think Kali's favorite activity is to lie in the sun, preferrably on a blacktop surface. She gets so hot, you can barely touch her, but she loves it.
Story: Kali was a "free-to-good-home" from a newspaper ad. She is our oldest dog and the sweetest soul I have ever met.

Breed: Boston TerrierGender: Male
Favorite Food: He likes all kind of foods, but enjoys fresh veggies and fruit.
Favorite Activities: Tike is our little athlete. He is a toy nut. He is also getting better and better in agility, and just loves it.
Story: Tike came to us free, because his former owner was allergic to him.

Breed: Boston TerrierGender: Female
Favorite Food: Her favorite food may be anything but broccoli and lettuce.
Favorite Activities: Annie is the hunter of the house. She loves going after mice, moles and such. She is a much better mouser than our cat. Annie is also very good in obedience and loves to please and learn new things.
Story: She came to us as a rescue from a shelter. All 3 are very smart and loving dogs, and our family would not be complete without them.

Staff: Petra Thoma
Home: Arden, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: April 10, 2006

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