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Rudy Unwrapped
Rudy at 3 Months

Breed: Silky TerrierGender: Male
Registered Name: Shalee's Royal Legacy
Favorite Food: He loves Flint River Ranch. He is growing up on Flint River Ranch foods, with a sardine (Rudy loves sardines) thrown in now and then.

Because he's a show dog, the condition of Rudy's coat is important to him. Our other three Silkies ate another food for years, until their coats started becoming dull looking, and falling out. After lots of research, we started feeding Flint River Ranch products, and the results were nothing short of amazing. It was natural when Rudy joined "the Crew" that he would be started on Flint River Ranch as well.
Favorite Activities: He likes to play with squeaky toys, visit his "Dad's" office, and go with his "Mom" to pick his "sister" Shelby up from school where he gets lots of attention from the kids.
Story: Rudy was born for the show ring—he is such a show off!

Staff: Dr. and Mrs. Len Zaretski
Home: North Haledon, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: April 18, 2003

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