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Polar Bear at 4 Years

Grizzly Bear at 2 Years


Polar Bear
Breed: PomeranianVariety: Cream-Colored
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Polar's favorite food is FRR Adult and Puppy Kibble. He also loves american cheese, carrots, and green beans. His favorite toys are Kong's with peanut butter inside and several stuffed animals.
Favorite Activities: His favorite activity is running and playing with his little brother, Grizzly Bear. Polar loves to go for walks and get the mail. He also loves it when we have company over; he is a real "people pup."
Favorite Place to Sleep: Polar sleeps with his dad and me on his swoman blanket with his head on our pillows.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Polar is a very special little boy. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, Polar never left his side when he came home after surgery. Then when he would come home from chemotherapy five days a week, Polar never left his side. We are certain that the love of this little guy helped my husband's outlook for the future.

Grizzly Bear
Breed: PomeranianVariety: Sable
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Grizzly's favorite food is FRR Adult and Puppy Kibble. He also loves american cheese, carrots, and green beans. His favorite toys are Kongs with treats or peanut butter inside and two baskets of stuffed animals.
Favorite Activities: Grizzly's favorite activity is wrestling with his brother, Polar Bear, and playing with Tuxina. He also loves to play ball.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Grizz sleeps in his own bed with two velour cushions next to our bed.
Grizzly is almost two years old and our little wild child. We were going to name him Pooh Bear but we felt Grizzly suited him more. Grizz is a sable Pomeranian who thinks he is a Great Dane.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves FRR Cat and Kitten dry food. She also loves any food we eat. She thinks that she is a Pomeranian and comes with Polar and Grizz when I say "cheese please," to give them all a piece of american cheese. Tuxina sits and gives her paw just like her brothers.
Favorite Activities: Tuxina's favorite toys are little plastic colored springs and a furry mouse on a spring pole. She has a three story condo where she looks out and teases Grizzly.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps in our bed at the foot in her own plush round bed. Before she goes to sleep I have to give her paws and tummy a massage.
Story: We call her our "Miracle Kitty," because she was found in the gutter with another kitten that did not make it. She was about a day old when found. She is black and white and appears to be wearing a tuxedo.

Staff: Joy Zomerdyke
Home: Barnegat, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: May 25, 2006

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