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Guardian of Paradise
John-John at 7 Years

Breed: Australian ShepherdWeight: 53 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Dried salmon bits, Liver Biscotti, Greenies, peas, broccoli, banana, and Flint River Ranch Lamb/Millet/Rice, of course!
Favorite Activities: Swimming in the pond, chasing and retrieving any kind of ball, receiving massages, getting brushed, car rides so that he can bark at cows, horses, dogs and bicyclists, and herding the household around to do whatever he wants.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Out on the deck curled up on the cushioned redwood chair.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: John-John is affectionately referred to as John-John the Wonderdog because he lets his hearing-impaired owner know when the phone is ringing, even when I am in the shower. He also alerts us if anyone pulls in the driveway. He stays on the deck in the evenings and keeps deer out of the garden. From his first day in our home he learned to walk on trails off-leash and takes his job of patrolling the perimeter of our 53 acres very seriously. He is not left unattended outside and prefers to go wherever the food is. He can hear/smell the refrigerator door open from the upstairs or the basement.
When we let him out for bathroom breaks, he barks to gain reentry during daylight hours. However, when it is dark, he sits and remains quiet until we open the door. I imagine that he doesn't want to draw attention to himself when he is more vulnerable. He is extraordinarily healthy and runs like a 2 year old! We did stop frisbee catching because of the wear and tear on his joints that jumping causes... If he is running and gets a kink in a joint he sits down in the field and waits for me to run to him and fix it. John-John is very fortunate to have a Physical Therapist for a Mother to fix every little stiffness and an artist Father who is home most days to keep him company. We are thinking about getting him a little buddy but haven't found a suitable match yet.

Staff: Dot and Bob Holland
Home: Cassadaga, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: June 19, 2006

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