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"Flint River Ranch makes me HAPPY!"
Sidney at 10 Years

"I love food, especially Flint River Ranch!"
Gus at 17 Years

"I love my toys and nylabone wishbone."
Dannyboy at 7 Years

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 73 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Senior Plus.
Favorite Activities: Playing with my pals.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Mom's bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Watching over the younger Goldens.
Story: Sidney tried with the show business, in her younger years but decided it wasn't her thing. So she became the queen of the house and still is. She is full of life, from the day we brought her home at 8 weeks old to now about 11. Always ready to play or chase after her kitty friends. She loves people and especially her Mum and Dad!

Breed: Labrador RetrieverWeight: 86 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Eating.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Mum's pillow.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Going down and helping with feeding the horses.
Story: "It was real bad when I was a puppy and young lad. The people who had me beat me and kicked me all the time. But when I was saved and came into the world with my new parents, Mum and Dad, my life has been wonderful. They love me for me and I couldn't be happier. (Except I'd love to eat all the time, Woof! Woof!)"

Breed: Irish SetterWeight: 90 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Playing with my frog and getting into mischief.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the couch or in the guest room.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Getting into mischief and placing the blame on the pups.
Story: "Mum got me from a breeder when I was 6 months old. I had lots of health problems but they are all cleared up now and she treats me like one of the kids. I love her and Dad! I must admit, for an Irish Setter, I'm very smart. I open doors, drawers, and refrigerators but the good thing is I only open them and let the pups take things out and they get into trouble. Boy, am I smart. Woof! Woof!"

Staff: Lynn Huizinga
Home: Springville, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 25, 2006

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