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Hanging Out on Our New Bed... Oops! We Mean Mom's New Rug!
Lola at 3 Years (left) and Lexi at 1 Year

Breed: Basset HoundGender: Female
Story: Lola, our oldest and first Basset, has been diagnosed with several food and environmental allergies. She is unable to eat any store brand dog food as she is allergic to common dog food ingredients such as wheat, corn, chicken and pork. We had been in the process of changing to a food Lola would eat because many Rx diets we tried she would not eat. She would just sniff and walk away. I found Flint River while searching for anything she could and would eat. At the time, we had just gotten another puppy, and Lola would try to sneak the puppy food because apparently it tasted better. Unfortunately she is allergic to it, so I had to stand guard like the food police so she wouldnt have a reaction to it. I switched both dogs to Flint River and they love it. Our case of food envy is long gone since they both enjoy their own bowl of Flint River each day.

Breed: Basset HoundGender: Female

Staff: David and Tammy Hehl
Home: Romeoville, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: August 1, 2006

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