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Fritz at 9 Years (left) and Mai at 8 Years

Breed: German Shepherd DogVariety: White
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: What a turnaround for Fritz after being on the Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips diet! It is amazing the difference this food has made. He seems to be allergic even to the air, but since we switched him to the "Fish and Chips" food his constant skin irritation, hot spots and lethargy have been almost eliminated. He is truly a different dog!
The UPS guy is their best friend second only to us!

Breed: German Shepherd DogVariety: Traditional West
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Mai has done extremely well on the Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips and they both love the food. They are now in top condition. (It looks like they are overweight but it is due to a beautiful, heavy winter coat. They are outdoor dogs.)
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Staff: Paula Zellmer
Home: Grain Valley, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: August 21, 2006

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