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Brutus at 3 Years

Harley at 5 Years

Living in the Country

Breed: BoxerVariety: White
Weight: 82 poundsGender: Male
Favorite Food: They were on grocery store dog food when we got them, so I put them on the best food our local feed store had. They both started losing hair and had lots of gas. When looking online for a better food, Flint River Ranch kept popping up. They have liked all the Flint River Ranch foods and we're working on the combo that's best for them. Immediatly their coats began improving; now we're working on the gas issue. We're just adding probiotics.
Favorite Activities: They love to chase the wildlife - deer, turkey, and, yes, the skunks!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Brutus sleeps with his head in a windowsill so he doesn't miss anything.
Brutus is the love bug, climbs in your lap for lovey time, very protective, and really funny. He has a heart murmur that we're keeping close track of. We have a canine cardiologist for him to see if it develops into anything more.

Breed: BoxerWeight: 70 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Place to Sleep: The dogs sleep together all day, but at night Harley is by my side.
Story: Harley has been in 3 homes in 1 year; none of it having to do with him because he's a sweetheart. He is a little obsessive, very nervous, and licks a lot. (He doesn't lick like he did when he first moved in; I think he's feeling more secure.) I have a big need to make him feel very loved and needed; I think he needs it. After losing our 9 year old boxer to a long drawn out illness with heart disease and caring for my mom who is dealing with her own illness, I was missing the love of a pet. It left a very large void inside of me. With all I was going through, I really didn't have the time for puppies. Through a friend we heard about the boys needing a home. We fell in love the minute we met them. We brought them from the city and a very small yard to the country. I swear they had sore muscles from all the running they did when they got here. Their former owners stopped by to see them and the dogs were really excited to see them, but made it very clear they were staying. When it was time for the folks to go, both dogs stood with their back sides to them. It was kind of funny, they really seemed to be giving them the message that they were staying.

Staff: Tony and Kimberley Mollet and Family
Home: Shingle Springs, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 11, 2006

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