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Ari at 8 Years

Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Pretty much anything mom's cooking; she's my "kitchen assistant." She samples every batch of dog cookies I make. She also gets a varied diet and shares with me a little as well.
Favorite Activities: Playing with her "kongy." Her kong gets stuffed with meat, cheese, veggies, etc. as her treat when I go to work. When I come home, I get happy butt wiggles and am presented with her kong and a smile.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In my bed, she loves to sleep all cuddly under my comforter. It's very hard to get up in the morning when there is an incredibly adorable, sleepy puppy next to you.
Story: Quite a few years ago I worked for a woman with a disability as her care attendant. She had rescued a dog in West Oakland who I helped care for for a year. I had always known that one day I would love to have a dog but being 'owned' by 1 lovebug catman and a 'Queen of all she surveys' feline, I wasn't quite sure if I'd live to be forgiven if I dared bring a canine into the family. As time went by, I became so desiring of wanting a canine companion I thought about it all the time. One day I took a different bike route to work and when I turned up this other street, at the end of it, I saw a little brown puppy in the middle of the street. I went up to investigate and she ran under a car and hid. I got down on the ground and tried to coax her out. She was dirty, oily, and scared to trust but her eyes were bright and hopeful. And her little tail was going a mile a minute. I kept telling myself I'd just get her home, bathe her, and care for her while looking for a home. Yeah, Right! Two hours later I got her home. It actually took all of 2 seconds to fall madly and deeply in love with her. When I got back from the pet store with toys, chewies, and food she was cautious but curious. I'll never forget when she understood that she was going to live with me and the food and toys were for her. She did this funny, singing bark and just opened up and capered around.
I love her so much, I can't ever imagine my life with out her. I love nibbling her cheeks and kissing her ears. I love her big smile and her curiosity. I love her snuffling and how she groans like an old man when she's sleepy. I love how, even though I welcome her anywhere, she still asks permission to come up on the bed. I love feeling her warm back and little paws when I go to sleep at night. She's kind, loving, silly, very affectionate, and a bed hog. I bought a king size bed (she's a large dog) so we could both sleep comfortably. Somehow I end up waking up on the edge next to a cute pup sleeping sideways all along the pillows. I get thank you wags and kisses at each meal and walkies, ecstatic butt wiggles when I come home from work, and an unending supply of unconditional love. I feel truly blessed and unbelievably lucky.

Staff: Nydawi Jai
Date Entered into Gallery: October 19, 2006

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