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Molly (center) Now Lives in Wisconsin
Rugby (left) and Hannah

Poppy (left) and Emma

Famous Pose


Breed: HavaneseWeight: 9 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Rugby is the alpha dog around our house. Except, he pays homage to Tag every day. When he sees Tag each morning, Rugby will lie down in front of Tag on his back, turn his head away from Tag and allow Tag to sniff him. When Tag does that, Rugby then gets up, gives Tag a little kiss on the nose and then he is off to take care of his "family." Rugby is a remarkable little guy.

Breed: MalteseWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: Maddy is stuffed with attitude. She thinks she is a Southern Belle Beauty Queen (undefeated of course and still retains her crown!).

Breed: HavaneseGender: Female
Hannah is all style and grace!

Breed: Havanese/Maltese MixGender: Female
Story: Poppy was a pup from my son's two little dogs, both Havanese/Maltese. I sold her to a groomer that I know and she became ill and sold her to an elderly couple who kept her for two weeks. The husband apparently abused her and brought her back to the groomer. When I say abused I'm thinking that they yelled at her and maybe hit her, but not enough to cause physical injury, but certainly emotional injury. I took Poppy back. It has been a long time working with her and there are residual effects, but she is happy and well-loved.

Breed: HavaneseWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: Emma is Cinder's baby. My oldest son who is at my home from California to do the remodeling has fallen in love with Emma and she with him, so he is now her daddy. Emma is very tiny, maybe five pounds, and very, very sweet.

Breed: HavaneseGender: Female
Story: Cinder is Hannah's little girl. She is so smart and a daredevil to boot. She used to jump on my chair and then onto my desk landing on my keyboard, and of course that was a mess trying to undo what she would do by walking on the key board. So, I'd move the chair farther away. She was never daunted, she would get on the chair and you could just see her judging the distance. She would rock back and forth and then she'd leap through the air, and land smack dab right on my keyboard... again! I had to move the chair halfway across the room to discourage her.

Breed: Labrador RetrieverGender: Male
Our "baby", Butters, the Yellow Lab who thinks he is a Maltese lapdog!

Staff: Sharon Davidson
Home: Scottsdale, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: November 8, 2006

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