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Proud to Be an American
Miss Callie at 10 Years

Just Went to the Spa
Miss Callie

Just Being Myself
Precious Princess at 10 Years

"Like my new dress?"
Precious Princess

Angel Muffin at 2 Years

Pug A Muffin at 6 Years

Miss Callie
Breed: PersianVariety: Calico
Weight: 5 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: She likes Flint River Ranch Hairball formula.
Favorite Activities: She enjoys being the Princess and being carried around.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She travels by air, train, plane, and automobile. She loves to be with Mom. She holds Mom's hand and knows what to do in emergencies.

Precious Princess
Breed: Himalayan PersianWeight: 6 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She also likes Flint River Ranch Hairball formula.
Favorite Activities: She has fun batting you with her paws and demanding your attention.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She's good at hiding.
She is a stepsister to Miss Callie.

Angel Muffin
Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 11 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: January 14, 2007
Favorite Food: Both dogs enjoy Flint River Ranch foods.
Favorite Activities: Both dogs love playing "catch ball"; that means chasing each other while biting the other's leg. They also love being in our laps.

Pug A Muffin
Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 11 pounds
Gender: MaleBirthday: January 14, 2007
Favorite Place to Sleep: Both dogs sleep on the bed on the comforter.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Both dogs have lots of love to share and responsibilities to make sure Mom and Dad are happy and are kept happy and together. You can call one at a time by their name, Angel or Pug, and they will come separately, but when you call "Muffins," they run hip-to-hip to you!
Story: When Miss Callie died, my husband bought me a puppy that looked like my calico cat, which turned out to be a Miniature Shih Tzu. He brought her home and I fell in love. Wayne told me she had a twin brother, and that when he took her away, the brother cried. I told him to go get the brother. He did the next day. When they were rejoined, Mr. Pug A Muffin jumped all over the place. They ran to each other like humans and kissed each other. It was amazing, and now they never leave each other. They literally are joined at the hip; they run hip-to-hip together, sleep on each other... they are actually "one." We could never imagine them being separated. I do not think they would have survived.
See entry 2918 for the Muffins' friend Fivvy, who belongs to Cindy's sister Gloria, and more pictures of the Muffins!

Staff: Cindy and Wayne Sanders
Home: North Redington Beach, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: December 3, 2006

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