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Rug at 9 Years

With a Neighbor Visitor, General Taylor, in the Front
Rug at 9 Years (left) and Annie at 4 Years

Breed: Giant Schnauzer/Standard Poodle MixWeight: 55 pounds
Gender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He's CGC and goes any where and is welcome even with tiny children for whom he stands absolutely still no matter what a toddler may do.
Story: Rug came from local shelter as a puppy - was named Rug due to the coat that looked like cheap throw rug. He was the first dog that was really just mine and I'm very proud of him and how he responded to my wanting to have a well-behaved, lovable, non-aggressive dog. He also has a huge deep bark that serves in lieu of a guard dog. He has traveled 20,000 miles with me through the years camping and seeing the country.

Breed: Beagle MixWeight: 24 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: Annie has incredibly beautiful eyes and seems to be a jet engine covered with shedding hair begging for affection - all at once. She was found on the street as an abandoned adult. I spent a lot of time looking for the "perfect home" for her and finally realized she was home. Great addition since she is a vermin hunter and a herder of anything including Rug. The dogs add so much good to my life and are such good dogs!

Staff: Pat Goodwin
Home: Alexandria, LA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 5, 2006

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