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"Okay, now our cookies, please!"
Left-to-right: Fritz at 10 Years, Heidi at 8 Years, Princess Prilla at 2 Years

Nap Time

So Intense, Our Princess Prilla! Prilla is watching her Christmas card video of the Bud Horses.
Princess Prilla at 5 Years

Our Precious Prilla. Wirehair Minature Dachsund. Loves to watch TV Dogs 101 and FlintRiver food. What a Lover....

Happy Birthday, Fritz who is 15 years young and going strong! In memory of Heidi, loss 1 year ago and our Princess Prilla at 6 years. Ready for Winter 2012.

"Beach Beauty Prilla!"

Breed: DachshundVariety: Red
Gender: Male

Breed: DachshundVariety: Black and Tan
Gender: Female

Princess Prilla
Breed: DachshundVariety: Blonde wirehaired
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: She loves watching videos and TV commerical of animals.

Staff: Barbara and Monty Owens
Home: Goode, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 6, 2006

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