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Sadie at 6 Years

Cool Dog Sadie

Time for Treats!

Breed: Labrador RetrieverWeight: 73 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: May 3, 1999
Full Name: Sadie Lady of Oak
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch and Treats.
Favorite Activities: Going for walks. She loves to have her picture taken.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the couch with me, but only when I'm on the couch. And on her bed upstairs in our bedroom.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She likes to do high five for a treat, she will do it over and over for a treat! You can say W and she knows it means "Walk."
Story: We got her at 6 weeks and she has been our love right from the start. She is the best! Everyone just loves her! She is my BEST FRIEND!
Every morning when I leave for work I tell her come and give Mommy a Kiss and I kneel down on the floor and she starts licking my face.

Staff: Valerie Smith
Home: Batavia, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: December 7, 2006

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