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Our Precious Angel
Casey at 7 Months

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever MixGender: Male
Favorite Food: I sent Flint River Ranch Dog food to my daughter's house in West Virginia to start Casey on as after months of researching for the best dog food Flint River Ranch was the one I found. He loves it! I told Capri to try her two dogs on it who were also rescues as she helps run Little Victories and they love it too! It makes me feel good to give our angel a healthy food that he loves.
Favorite Activities: He loves his squeaky toys and ball best, and loves to play.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Casey woke me up barking at 6:30 AM the other morning letting me know my husband, who was sleeping down on the couch, needed me. My husband was sick and had a bad breathing attack and Casey came for help. Bless his little heart! Later that day, my husband sneezed upstairs in the bathroom and I saw Casey going upstairs to him with a tissue! It was unbelievable and so cute.
Story: We got Casey from Little Victories Animal Rescue Group in West Virginia. He was rescued from a hoarder along with his Mom and siblings. They all got wonderful homes I'm happy to say. We go for about a mile walk every day in the fields or around the lake or in the meadow and woods. See, Casey saved my life too by just being sweet little him! I had lost my angel girl, Xena, to cancer and I had lost the will to live. Having him and all the love he gives keeps me busy and knowing he needs me has brought me out of that depression! I didn't want another dog but I am so thankful Capri brought me Casey! Everyone should have a pet to love and spoil. They are the best medicine in the world. They ask so little in return... just love and a soft place to sleep and, if they are lucky, Flint River Ranch food to keep them strong and healthy!

Staff: Nancy Billings
Home: Edgewood, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: December 7, 2006

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