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Taupie at 8 Years

Breed: English Cocker SpanielWeight: 27 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: December 18, 1997
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Senior Plus, strawberries, tomatoes, satsuma, peanut butter, and celery!
Favorite Activities: Duck chasing or acting adorably cute!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Owner's lap.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She can decipher who gave her what toy and whenever they come to the house she brings it out to show them.
Story: I was working through college at the local mall and would go in to the pet store on my lunch break when I noticed her, and that she would lick her cage door every time I walked by. Seeing that as a sign that she needed to get out and play, I would then proceed to go to the store on my lunch break and take her out to play. Then on her three month birthday she had a sign on the cage saying she was going home. I cried hysterically that I was going to lose her, but came to find out my family reserved her for me to take home, with the selling point being her tail that wags as fast as a helicopter's propeller! Since then, she has been such a blessing with such strength. As coming from a puppy mill she had cherry eye and needed surgery right away. More recently she had reconstructive ear surgery, all the while keeping her wonderfully warm and pleasant demeanor.
She loves raspberries on her tummy, the cat's purr, and kisses on her cheek.

Staff: Paisley Davis
Home: San Francisco Peninsula, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 7, 2006

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