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Sitting in Her Favorite Chair... A Rocking Chair in the Office
Lucy Lou at 4 Years

Wrapped in a Blanket
Lucy Lou at 6 Years

Lucy Lou
Breed: Rat TerrierWeight: 17 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: Her favorite toy is a plush squeaky ball. She, like most Ratties, loves to race around the house, over the bed and furniture, like a "Wild Woman."
Favorite Place to Sleep: Her alternate "special place" is on a soft velvet pillow where she holds court... being the "Regal Head of Household"!
Story: We didn't receive any information about her original owner except for a name, address, and phone number. Follow-up was unsuccessful as the number is no longer in service and the Vet at Minden, Nevada, couldn't provide any information about her background without owner approval. The owner was listed as a woman. At the time of the last vet visit, before she was orphaned, she weighed 19 pounds... a "little" chubby so we are sure she was well cared for. She had several "fosters" and weighed 16 pounds when we received her. At first, she was very wary of men and still is a "Mommy's" girl, though she Loves her Daddy. NOW, she "Rules the Roost"!

Staff: Robert and Gerry Benson
Home: Citrus Heights, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 7, 2006

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