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Navidad at 4 Months

Navidad at 3 Months

Navidad at 3 Years

Window Guard Dog

Breed: MalteseGender: Female
Favorite Food: Her favorite and only food is Flint River Ranch... and she has introduced it to several visiting friends. They seem to like her dry dog food where they are not thrilled with their own. I tell people it is not because it belongs to someone else, it is because it is good. Some people listen. We continue to invite them to share ours when they visit. She is beautiful and talented because she is a Flint River Ranch girl. Navidad has done so well that her breeder asked what we were feeding and now all of the extended family in Georgia are Flint River Ranch people, too. She has been fed Flint River Ranch from the very moment she arrived at l2 weeks. She loves treats of all kinds and enjoys being made a fuss over. Bows in the hair are not her favorite thing at this point, however. We will work on that.
Favorite Activities: She loves to just spend time with her Mom and I love that too. I don't think I could have made it through Christmas without this little soul. She was found by an online picture and she stole my heart with her sweet face. We are both looking forward to spending a lovely Christmas sharing lots of love and presents too.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She loves to just be close and is sleeping by me now as I write.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She already has learned how to shake, roll over, sit, down, dance, and we are working on heel. She is the most talented dog in the world—just ask her Mom. She knows 65 tricks and is still learning as she loves lesson time. Navidad's newest trick is to get a hanky for her Mom when Mom sneezes, but everyone else seems to love when she sticks her little paws in the air for "stick em up" then with the finger shot, she falls and rolls over.
Story: The little girl that I lost to cancer after 15 years was Feliz... thus it seemed only natural that Navidad should follow. Even my groomer thinks this little girl is so very much like the sweet little girl that we all enjoyed for 15 years. Navidad loves to go get Mom when people are coming up the walk—we can see who is arriving thanks to the window guard dog.

Staff: Ann-Marie Isenburg
Home: Mesquite, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: December 18, 2006

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