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Inseparable Friends
Dilly at 6 Years (left) and Broadway

Dilly at 6 Years


We Miss Our Dilly!

Dani Girl at 9 Weeks

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 54 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: October 12, 2000
Favorite Food: Dilly's favorite foods were practically anything edible!
Favorite Activities: Dilly loved her agility. She was a natural at this and needed one more leg in Jumpers to finish her Exellence title.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Broadway and Dilly slept as a pack. And anywhere you were, they were.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Dilly loved to please and she was the athlete of the canine family. Agility was her game and we were such a team. When she was running agility, we would have to hide Broadway because she was more worried where he was. We would tell Dilly to go find Broadway and she would return with him leading him by the collar. He was definitely henpecked.
Story: Broadway and Dilly were inseparable. Dilly became ill and was put to rest under our tree (June 19, 2006) with the sounds of the waterfall and my son playing his guitar. Dilly was always here for us and I'm sure she'll meet us at the gates. We miss our girl!

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 75 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Broadway loves pancakes and bagels.
Favorite Activities: Going for walks and rides in the truck.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Broadway loves the water and swimming and retrieves most anything. He loves to show his handsome looks in the ring. He is such a stud! He loves soccer and once joined a game of my son's. He now is on the sidelines on lead, but he is very vocal.

Dani Girl
Breed: West Highland White Terrier Gender: Female
Birthday: March 9, 2006
Favorite Food: Mom, being the breeder, did not want Dani's dog food changed. Being the strong person I am, Dani loves her Lamb and Rice Flint River Ranch food. There is not a day that this food is turned away!
Story: Dani Girl was given to my daughter from her grandmother. Mom knew I couldn't say no.

Staff: Eulene Wagner
Home: Thornton, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: January 8, 2007

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