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Carl with
Bandit at 2 Years

Harley at 3 Years

Napping with Dad
Harley at 4 Months

Scooter at 12 Years

Flower Dogs

Breed: Rat TerrierWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Bandit Eugene
Favorite Food: He's a chow-hound, he loves everything, but no fruit please.
Favorite Activities: Bandit will bark to lure the other dogs out of whatever spot they are snoozing in to steal their spot.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Under the covers in bed with Mom and Dad.
Story: We rescued Bandit from the pound.

Breed: Australian TerrierWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Harley bin Laden
Favorite Food: Harley has bladder stones and is on Prescription Diet.
Favorite Activities: Playing tug-of-war with his sister, Scooter Michelle, and hunting "critters."
Favorite Place to Sleep: In the bed with Mom and Dad.
Story: Harley was "dumped" in our neighborhood and we found him wandering on our street and rescued him two days before 9/11 when he was only four months old. One month later he chewed up our couch, that's when he got his name, Harley bin Laden, the international "terrier-ist."

Breed: Jack Russell TerrierWeight: 15 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Scooter Michelle
Favorite Food: Scooter LOVES raw green bell peppers.
Favorite Activities: Scooter loves to go to JRTCA terrier trials. She loves go-to-ground, racing, and trailing and locating.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Anywhere she can find a sunbeam to lie in and under the covers in bed with Mom and Dad.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Scooter is an extraordinary hunter. She has no fear and has to be watched constantly, even at 12 years old. She has caught and killed many poor critters that have crossed her path. She was the "flower dog" at our wedding.

Staff: Nancy and Carl Rice
Home: Jasper, AL
Date Entered into Gallery: April 10, 2007

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