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Heidi at 2 Months

Enjoying Her Pool When She Can't Get to the Beach
Heidi at 1 Year

Taking a Break after a Good Game of Fetch
Sadi at 1 Year

Breed: German Shorthaired PointerWeight: 48 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: I recently visited my sister who has a yellow Lab. She feeds her dog the Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble. I brought Heidi with me for the visit and naturally brought Heidi's food with me (Iams puppy food). I placed a bowl of Heidi's Iams puppy food next to the Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble, thinking that Heidi would eat her own food. The bowl was still sitting there 3 days later, untouched by Heidi or my sister's yellow Lab. I found it amazing that even my sister's dog wouldn't touch it—everyone knows it's a natural instict for a dog to eat anything new and different. Heidi tried the Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble and now won't touch her Iams. After comparing the ingredients of Flint River Ranch with the ingredients of Iams, I now understand why Heidi made the decision that she did. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Both also love baby carrots and bananas; they also love an ice cube in the summer. We never feed them from the table. Any human food they get will only be vegetables and fruit (no grapes since they are bad for dogs).
Favorite Activities: Both love going to the beach and swimming in the Chesapeake Bay. Their best friend is my sister's yellow Lab, so they have plenty of practice swimming when they are playing with him. My other sister has a huge Rottweiller who also loves to swim in the Bay, which is odd, but he's a great swimmer.
Favorite Place to Sleep: There is only one place that these dogs will sleep and that is in bed with us. It's a very bad habit, but it's too late to break it now.
Story: Heidi comes from a breeder in Nebraska that has introduced English Pointer into the blood line of his dogs. Sometimes they pop out looking like an English Pointer: no spots.
This breed is very loyal; they will never leave your side. We held them a lot as they were growing up and now we have a 48-pound and a 61-pound lap dog.

They are very, very, very good with children. They tend to want to jump up and give kisses to adults (a habit we are in the process of breaking them from), but when a child is around, they stand as still as can be and let kids pet them all over; they love it.

They are surprisingly very good dogs in the house. We thought we were going to have our hands full with this breed indoors, but they are quite lazy when they are in—but once you take them out, they go like lightning. Over all, I highly recommend this breed of dog for anyone who is looking for loyalty and a dog that loves outdoor activities (i.e., hiking, camping, swimming, hunting, and just about anything else outdoors).

Breed: German Shorthaired PointerWeight: 61 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: Sadi comes from a breeder in Western Maryland; she has no flaws and looks as perfect as the breed can look.

Staff: Brian and Jessica Hayes
Home: Upper Marlboro, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: November 26, 2004

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