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Charlene at 7 Years (left) and Chloe at 4 Years

Charlene with Eye On Chloe

Rudy at 13 Years (left) and Chloe

Charlene "Cockroaching"

Breed: Italian GreyhoundGender: Male
Story: We were able to keep him from being taken to the dog pound 13 years ago. Rudy loves to beg for food and treats and sleeps a lot now that he is an old man.

Breed: PoodleVariety: Toy
Gender: Female
Chloe is very smart and playful. She loves to chase squirrels in the backyard and have conversations with the Great Dane who lives behind us. Chloe sits up, speaks and twirls for her treat. She loves to play with all the toys and runs around the backyard with a torn up volley ball. Of course she runs from Charlene too.

Breed: GreyhoundGender: Female
Story: Charlene is a retired racing Greyhound that we acquired from a Greyhound rescue organization in July 2006. She is the most perfect dog. Charlene loves to chase Chloe and squirrels in the backyard. She came to us almost directly from the race track and was bred once before she arrived at the rescue organization. She loves her crate and can be very playful. She has learned everything from the other two dogs. She came to us and didn't bark - then she started barking when she was being playful. Now she barks when she wants to go for her walk and barks at cats and squirrels she sees through the dining room door. She is a very friendly and loving dog. She is funniest when she is sleeping in the cockroach position - on her back with all four legs in the air.

Staff: Raymond and Linda Eade
Home: Unionville, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 14, 2007

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