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Queen of the Castle
Grigio at 7 Years

A Little Spitfire
Chardonnay at 6 Months

With Her Best Buddy, Beaujolais
Maggie at 3 Years

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat/Maine Coon MixGender: Female
Favorite Food: She is a very picky eater but she loves her Flint River Ranch Adult lite (since she is a little heavy).
Favorite Activities: Grigio loves to stay in the house and play with her toys. She also loves washing herself in her water bowl, getting water all over the kitchen.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps wherever she wants.
Story: She was found at about two weeks old behind my backyard. She barely had her eyes open. She came running to me. She was cold and flea-ridden. I cleaned her up and warmed her and put her in a box. I did not expect her to survive the night. It took me three months before I would name her because I wasn't sure she would live. Now she is a very robust happy cat who rules the house.

Variety: CalicoGender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves her Flint River Ranch kitty food. She is a super vocal kitty, she lets you know when she wants her food or anything else.
Favorite Activities: She is outside with Maggie most of the day. They love to run around chasing one another.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She is currently sleeping in her crate outside until she gets a little older.
Story: We rescued her from the pound.

Breed: Australian ShepherdVariety: Red Merle
Weight: 60 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: Her favorite Flint River Ranch Food is Lamb/Millet/Rice. She had a problem when she was a puppy with allergies to the food, she would itch and shed a lot. Since her new Flint River Ranch food she is a lot better. She loves her vegetables and her peanut butter every once in awhile.
Favorite Activities: She enjoys going to the park to play chuck-it and Frisbee. She loves to swim. She also loves to play with her kitty friends, herding them around the yard.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps in her special bed on the back porch.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Her special skills are being the best dog ever. She is a great dog for my elderly mother, she is very intuitive and attentive to her needs. She rolls around a plays with herself in order to make us laugh. She goes up stairs everyday to check on my Mom to see if she's okay and to say hi.
Story: Maggie was adopted from a breeder in Madeira, CA.

Staff: Jayne and Lavonne
Home: Stockton, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: August 7, 2007

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