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"Don't you just love my collar!"
MooShu at 6 Years

"I'm thinking of a way to save the world!"
Ming at 4 Years

MooShu at 9 Years

Breed: Chinese Shar-PeiWeight: 60 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She enjoys American cheese.
Favorite Activities: She likes scouting squirrels and rabbits. She also likes to watch television when there are animals on.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She like to sleep on the bed and is an award-winning schnoogeler!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She's good at snorting and truffle digging.
Story: MooShu has had lots of health problems. She was born without most of her teeth and has had multiple eye surgeries to lift her eyelids so she could see. In addition to those problems, she was born with a genetic disorder called Swollen Hock Syndrome or Shar-Pei Fever. Similar to Rheumatic Fever in humans, this disease is incredibly painful and attacks the joints and muscles during the fever episodes. The episodes are brought on by stress and last 24-35 hours at a time and have no known cure. One out of 10 Shar-Peis has the disease, and one of four that suffer will eventually die from the disease due to renal failure. Moral of the story? DON'T BUY DOGS from pet stores. There are plenty of pure breed rescue groups—go to www.TheVelvetSnoot.com to research. Save a life!

Although MooShu has had a rough run of it, I am so lucky to have her. She is the sweetest (and most beautiful) Shar-Pei in the world and I love her to death!

Breed: Chinese Shar-PeiWeight: 50 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice Kibble.
Favorite Activities: She enjoys long walks with mom.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She likes to sleep on my custom-made dog linens from TheVelvetSnoot.com.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I will stay where you instruct me to for hours!
Story: My mommy brought me home to keep my big sister company and cheer her up. I'm really good at my job.
I wake up happy, spend my entire day happy, go to bed happy, and sleep dreaming of good and peaceful things.

Staff: Amy Weiland
Home: Lake Forest, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: October 5, 2007

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