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The First Night She Came Home with Us... and this is not a Staged Picture... They Are Both Absolutely Sound Asleep
Crystal at 6 Weeks

Crystal at 2 Years

Waiting for Dad to Come Home

Over the Jumps

And Through the Tire


Breed: Border CollieGender: Female
Registered Name: Crystal Blue Persuasion
Favorite Activities: We live in a small river town called Edgely, PA and, yes, Crystal just loves to jump in the river... especially right after she gets a bath.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: To burn up some of that stored up energy we have learned to do some agility moves. She has her own agility setup in the back yard that she just LOVES! She has a tunnel, a couple jumps, a tire jump, and weave poles. She lets me know, without a doubt, when it is time to run. Crystal picks up her toys and puts them away in her toy box, and if you have a cold she will get a tissue for you. HuuuShuuu, and she gets a tissue... very cute.
Crystal is very active. Her mother and father are both working border collies and she loves to be moving. Crystal has one blue eye and one brown eye... hence the name, Crystal Blue Persuasion. I believe they call that a pye eye in border collies.

Breed: Australian ShepherdGender: Female

Staff: Marie Dougherty
Home: Edgely, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 31, 2007

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