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Playful Pose
Loki at 10 Weeks

Loki at 6 Months

Loki at 15 Months

Left-to-right: Loki at 4 Months, Camus at 7 Years, Clementine at 3 Years

"C'mon in! The waters fine!"

Breed: Golden Retriever/PoodleGender: Female
Favorite Food: Loki loves Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble (of course, she eats anything that drops on the floor as well).
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Original kibble. She recently learned that if she brings her food bowl to her "Grampa" he will usually put something in it for her. It doesn't work so well with her water dish though.
Favorite Activities: Loki loves to go for long walks in the woods with her friends Clementine and Camus. Loki also likes to swim.
Story: She has a great life that she shares with her owners Laurie and Sebastian, her "Auntie Putt" and her Grandparents. Since we brought Loki home as a puppy, my sister has provided "doggie day care" for her while we're at work. She is spoiled. Her Grandma buys her lots of toys, and rawhide, which she loves, especially with peanut butter.
See entry 3225 for more pictures from Laurie and Sebastian.

Breed: Standard PoodleGender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Camus and Clem (who belong to my sister) are pet therapy dogs, and Loki plans to follow in their footsteps when she's old enough.

Breed: Golden Retriever/PoodleGender: Female

Staff: Laurie and Sebastian
Home: Concord, NH
Date Entered into Gallery: January 19, 2008

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