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Penny at 2 Years

Spanky at 6 Months

With Her Puppies (Spanky is the fat one on the right.)
Helen at 4 Years

Spanky at 1 Year

Breed: English BulldogWeight: 42 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: They all love their Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips (I don't feed my dogs table food because of potential allergies).
Favorite Activities: They are usually sleeping or stealing each others' toys.

Breed: English BulldogWeight: 60 pounds
Gender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They are best at being snuggle love puppies.
I am very proud of him because he received his Canine Good Citizen certification.

Breed: English BulldogWeight: 45 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: Helen will sleep anywhere but mostly our bed or the couch.

Staff: Michelle Muse
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 6, 2008

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