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Finn at 2 Years (left) and Sawyer at 1 Year

Breed: Shetland SheepdogVariety: Blue Merle
Weight: 11 poundsGender: Male
Favorite Food: He says no one prepares the Flint River Ranch Dry Water food like his Mom, Lisa. She gets the gravy just right and then mixes it with the right amount of Flint River Ranch adult/puppy kibble. His other favorite foods are apples, pears, and peanut butter.
Favorite Activities: Playing with his sister in the backyard, walks in the mountains, and belly rubs.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In his Mom's bed.

Breed: Shetland SheepdogVariety: Tri-color
Weight: 22 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves the Flint River Ranch adult/puppy kibble. Her Mom Ellen serves it up with lots of love. Sawyer's other favorite foods are carrots, cucumbers, and snacks on Flint River Ranch.
Favorite Activities: Playing with Finn in the backyard, going to the park, and playing fetch with her toys.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In her Mom's bed.

Staff: Elissa Polan
Home: Phoenix, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: February 6, 2008

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