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"My new bed."
Poor Kitty

Pretty in Pink
Krissy at 7 Months

Singing a Duet
Katie at 12 Years (left) and Sami at 6 Years

Breed: Smooth Fox TerrierWeight: 14 pounds
Gender: Female
Registered Name: McFox Something Special
Favorite Food: She loves all food; I haven't found one yet she won't eat.
Favorite Activities: Running, and chasing Sami, squirrels, and rabbits. She also loves playing with her toys.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Beside Sami, on Dad's lap, or in her crate depending upon what time of day it is.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She makes the squirrels stay in their tree or gets the lizards.
Story: Krissy, too, was headed to the show ring, but her petite size was below standard. Instead she came to live with us when she was 14 weeks old.

Breed: Smooth Fox TerrierWeight: 21 pounds
Gender: Female
Registered Name: San Sebastian Anastasia
Favorite Food: Tuna.
Favorite Activities: Katie and Sami love to run and "make the squirrels get in the tree"; they also love to cuddle.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Katie and Sami sleep in their beds on the floor at night, and the living room couch or Sami's chair in the day time.
Story: Katie came to us as a puppy at 8 weeks old. She flew by herself from Nashville to Orlando. When we picked her up, she was standing at the gate to her carrier with her ears up and tail wagging. She's a tough little Terrier.

Breed: Smooth Fox TerrierWeight: 25 pounds
Gender: Male
Registered Name: McFox Something Irresistible
Favorite Food: Anything except tuna!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Sami and Katie are good watch dogs, and it's their responsibility to keep vermin out of the yard.
Story: Sami was to be a show dog and received several points to his conformation, but he was "bored" with the show ring. He was put up for adoption rather than be a kennel dog.

Poor Kitty
Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She prefers fish flavored-kibble and tuna.
Nickname: P.K.
Favorite Activities: Hunting and sleeping.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In her "bed" (her real bed), or in the chair.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Keeping mice, rats, and small snakes out of the garage and house.
Story: Poor Kitty was a throw away cat. She came up on our porch in about 1998. She was in such poor physical condition, you could see her spine and hip bones. She was essentially skin over bones. Someone had evidently moved and left her. We don't know the trauma she went through before coming here, but she was so wild, we couldn't pet her for the first 6 months. That first day, I gave her a can of tuna, and she hissed and purred at the same time. Then, she crawled up on the porch swing and went to sleep. She's been here every since.

Staff: Tommy and Alice Douberley
Home: Sebastian, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: April 2, 2008

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