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Sophie at 3 Years


Eleanor at 6 Years

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier MixGender: Female
Story: I adopted Sophie in April 2008 from the Philadelphia shelter. A PAWS volunteer asked me to come meet her, she'd been languishing in a cage for 2 months. So I went "just to have a look," and, of course, I adopted her right away. Her history is unknown. She appears to be about 3 years old, and appears to have had several litters. (Her teats are very large. Everyone - but everyone! notices.) Her only problem is insecurity -- "separation anxiety" -- but that's getting better all the time. She knew the commands sit, stay, and come, but not very well, so I've been re-training her using a clicker paired with slices of turkey hot dog. Now I can take her to a dog park, where she loves to play with the other dogs, and as soon as I say, "Sophie, come," she races across the grass to get her clicker/hot dog. Yesterday I took her to a political demonstration. I kept her on a short leash, and she marched right along in the thick of it. Couldn't have been better behaved. Someone offered to share her water bottle, and a nearby policeman offered his cupped hands so she could drink from them. That's how much folks enjoyed having her along! She's a keeper. My cats aren't sure of that yet, but I am.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Diana likes to explore the building's corridors and stairwells. Everyone in the building knows her.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Loves to be near me but doesn't like being held. Except in bed: she'll curl up beside me and let me put my arm over her; for up to half an hour or so at a time.
Story: I adopted Diana a year ago from a Philadelphia Free-cycle email posting. A neighbor had found her in the street and had kept her for a month, hoping to find her owner, but when no owner showed up, he offered her for adoption (he already had several cats and dogs of his own and his wife wouldn't let him keep another). As you see, she has one blue eye and one golden eye. I'm told she probably doesn't hear out of the ear near the blue eye. She's a mellow, fearless cat. She'd like to be friends with my snowshoe cat, Eleanor, but Eleanor just tolerates her. Diana is very interested in my dog, Sophie, who joined the household 6 weeks ago. I've seen her come up and touch Sophie when the dog was asleep, and she's just about ready to do that with a wide-awake Sophie. (Sophie ignores the cats. Dogs seem to know that's the best way to make friends with them.) My dining room window opens on the roof of the entrance portico to the apartment building, and Diana spends a lot of time out there in fine weather. I've worried that she might try to jump down to the ground (we're on the second floor), but in a year she's yet to try that. Cats have very good depth judgment. Sometimes she comes in from her roof vigils covered with gritty grime. I can't wash it off or brush it off (just makes it worse) so I've learned to ignore it; by evening she's sparkly white and clean. (Don't ask me where the grit's gone; ask my carpet, ask Diana's stomach.)

Breed: SiameseVariety: Snowshoe
Gender: Female
Story: I'm partial to Siamese; I've had several lynx-points, but this is my first snowshoe. Fascinating markings, but her temperament is far from a full-bred Siamese. (Her sister and mother, calicos, were adopted by a neighbor.) She's shy. After I adopted another cat (Diana) a year ago, she hid under my armchair and wouldn't come out except to eat or use the litter-box. After a couple of months of that I dragged her out from under the chair and held her tight in my lap and brushed and petted her. The next day she was more relaxed. I kept that up until she stopped hiding under the chair and resumed her rightful place in the household. But then, to complicate her life further, I brought a shelter pit-bull-mix (Sophie) home 6 weeks ago, and now Eleanor is in hiding again. She hides among all the boxes and stuff in my art studio, because the dog's crate is beside the armchair in the bedroom where she used to hide. The dog spends her nights locked in the crate, and as soon as Eleanor knows she's safe from the dog (who means her no harm), she comes out of hiding, spends some time with me in bed, lets me brush her and clip her claws, and she's coming out in the open to demand her supper, too. I see her around in the daytime sometimes, keeping a watchful eye on the dog. It won't be long before Eleanor decides the dog is tolerable, if not lovable, and once again resumes her rightful place in the household. I'm posting photos of the dog, Sophie, and the other cat, Diana, as well.

Staff: Evalyn Segal
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 23, 2008

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