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In the Pickup, Waiting for His Flint River Ranch Food
Lucky Dog at 4 Years

Lucy (left) and Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog at 5 Years

Lucky Dog at 5 Years

Lucky Dog at 5 Years

Lady Clara at 4 Years

Lucky Dog
Breed: Border CollieGender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Lucky is a great tracker.
I took Lucky and Lucy to school where I substitute teach and the kids absolutely went nuts over them. I never owned Border Collies before, but I absolutely love them. Both are pretty laid back. I don't know what I would do without them. We are all best friends.

Breed: Border CollieGender: Female
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Lucy is a true herd dog. She tried to herd a momma skunk early this year... I can still smell the aroma.
I named her Lucy because I always wanted to say... "Lucy! You have some esplainin' to do...," which I have to say often with her.
I adopted Lucy a year ago and she is terribly camera shy. I will try again. Then again, maybe she is on a wanted poster!

Lady Clara
Breed: Border CollieWeight: 44 pounds
Gender: Female
Lady Clara has fit right with everyone!

Staff: Lindy Segall
Home: Hye, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: June 25, 2008

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