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Top: Dion, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala, Flyboy, Jedi, Rosina
Bottom: Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Princess Leia, Blueberries 'n Crème

Princess Leia
Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Female
Favorite Activities: She likes to try on my shoes and massage my neck. Her favorite toys have feathers.
Story: I was never a cat person. But my husband had a Himalayan before we got married and she had such a sweet temperament; after she passed away, we thought we'd get two so they could keep each other company. We chose Star Wars names because we both liked the movies and the last one came out in 2005.

I fell in love with Princess Leia, a Flame Point Himalayan born in March 2005. She is very shy and sweet.

Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Male
Favorite Activities: He loves to travel and will climb right into any carrier or suitcase. We keep promising him a trip to Petsmart. Flyboy likes to sit on my lap or next to me while I'm on the computer. He falls asleep with his head on my arm and loves to climb up to the top of the perch.
Story: We chose Flyboy (Han Solo) because he was Princess Leia's littermate.

Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Just about every day Jedi gets a massage from Flyboy.

He has a little black cat toy that he carries around in his mouth and sounds like Darth Vader - we call it his "little buddy."
Favorite Place to Sleep: His favorite place to sleep is in a box.
Story: When we went to pick up Princess and Flyboy, we went to a cat show in Charleston, SC. Jedi was there and he got upset when we held Flyboy a couple of times, so we asked if we could take him too. Jedi is a black Persian. His nose is a little extreme, and we've wondered sometimes if we should have named him Anakin instead of Luke Skywalker. He is the boss of the bunch - he tells me when the food bowls need topping off, if the water bottles are empty and when it's time for treats. He was the most active of the first three and I had to sing show tunes to him while I combed him or clipped his nails. He is partial to songs from "Oklahoma." They all came home with us in early July 2005.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Breed: BirmanGender: Male
Favorite Activities: He likes to make biscuits (kneading) on me. He supervises when I fill the water bottles and jumps the highest when we play with teasers. He hangs over the back of my computer while I'm working just to make sure he has my attention.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He likes sleeping in the bathroom sinks for "spa moments."
Story: My husband decided that he wanted a Birman, so Obi-Wan Kenobi joined us in August. Obi-Wan was supposed to be my husband's cat, but he got attached to me and I think I'm his favorite toy. I thought four cats were enough.

Queen Amidala
Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Her favorite toys are red or purple feathers and the laser light. She is very shy but likes to have her chin scratched; she curls up on my tummy in the morning before I get up for work.
Story: In October 2005 we stopped by to see the breeder we bought Princess, Flyboy, and Jedi from and she had Queenie, who is from the same litter as Princess and Flyboy. I thought, what's one more? She is a beautiful Blue Cream Himalayan.

I thought five cats were enough. They are easy to care for and all of them like simple toys such as teasers, boxes, paper bags, ping pong balls, and the laser light.

Indiana Jones
Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Indiana likes chasing the girls and his absolute favorite toy is a dragonfly teaser. He and Marion love looking out the window and watching lizards.
Story: We started showing Flyboy and ended up with four Grand Premiers (everyone except Jedi). Then my husband decided he wanted to start a breeding program - he actually gave up the room we had set aside for a home theater, so he was serious. We searched pedigrees and found Indiana Jones, a Flame Point Himalayan, and Marion Ravenwood, a Tortie Point Himalayan. They came home with us in late 2006.

Marion Ravenwood
Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Marion will play with anything and gives Eskimo kisses when she gets to know someone. She comes right away when we call her.

Blueberries 'n Crème
Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Female
Favorite Activities: She loves to play with ping pong balls and bounces them around. She is especially disappointed that we can't have the screen doors open since it's summertime in Florida.
Story: Blueberries 'n Crème was already named when she came to us in January 2007; she's a Blue Cream Himalayan and we call her Boo Boo.

All of our pet breeders are Champions and I am outnumbered.

Staff: Rosina and Dion Paul
Home: Jacksonville, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: June 27, 2008

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