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Happy Easter!
Jasmine at 3 Years

"Clearly, I'm stressed!"

Princess Shera
Shera at 1 Year

Breed: PersianVariety: Blue
Weight: 15 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch and anything from a can.
Favorite Activities: Sleeping, cuddling, and chasing her younger sibling.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On my head or on some part of me or in her perch/kitty condo.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She has been known to turn off my alarm clock.
Story: She was a gift to me for Valentine's Day from my boyfriend at the time. I had lost my 16 year old cat just prior to getting Jasmine, and I got my "pet fix" by stopping at a local pet store on my way home and on weekends. My boyfriend knew I wanted another cat and that I had bonded with Jasmine, so on Valentine's, we made a stop to see her, and she greeted me with a big pink bow on. My boyfriend said, "Happy Valentine's Day! She's all yours!" I was ecstatic, and she slept curled up on me that night. She has been a wonderful pet since then.

Breed: PersianVariety: Blue Tortoise
Weight: 7 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: Only Flint River.
Favorite Activities: Unrolling the roll of toilet paper; chasing her older sibling, Jasmine; dribbling any item of my make-up (brush, eyeliner, etc); crawling into my purse to see what fun items are in there to play with.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Next to me or somewhere on my bed; kitty perch or condo.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is particularly social for a cat, much less, one with her history.
Story: Previously known as Stormy, she was a gift to a woman with cancer. When the woman was no longer able to care for her, she was put up for adoption. Stormy had galloping ringworm; her fur was so badly matted, she had to be shaved completely; and she had diarrhea so severely that she was dehydrated, and she was completely malnourished. Stormy was placed in quarantine due to the ringworm. I decided to visit this cat to see what I thought. When I told the reception desk at the vet’s office that I was here to visit Stormy, they told handed me coveralls, shoe covers, gloves and a respirator mask to put on. I donned the gear and made my way into the quarantine area. In speaking with the vet technician, I learned that Stormy was one of the worst cases they had come across- a combination of abuse, neglect so horrific that they photographed her. . I stuck my gloved hand in the cage, and to my astonishment, heard purring. Stormy moved ever so slightly away from her food dish and nuzzled my hand with her head. I stroked her head, while she purred, but was hesitant to hold her because she seemed so painfully fragile. I made Stormy a promise that if she could get through this phase and just get healthy, that I would adopt her and spoil her rotten for the rest of her life. After 6 months of rehabilitation, I finally brought Stormy home.

I took Stormy home and began the introduction of her to Jasmine. There was a lot of curiosity, some growling and hissing, however, within two days, Stormy was taking toys over to Jasmine, they were sharing a litter box and food dish, and now they are playing with one another. Granted, they are still getting used to one another, and it has been a little difficult for my existing cat to get used to another animal in the home and sharing my affection, but overall I could not be more pleased at how well adjusted Stormy seems to be in light of her horrific beginning, and spending so long in quarantine.

I am coming up on the 1 year anniversary of having Stormy. She and Jasmine have fully adjusted to cohabitation and have fun chasing each other around. They particularly bonded when I took them to the groomer together, and have had a closer relationship since. Shera is a true people-cat, so much so that she is almost dog-like. She jumps up to greet me eye-to-eye or nose-to-nose, and she is one of the most affectionate and social cats I have come across. She is precocious and kitten-like, and due to her malnourishment in the early part of her life, she is permanently small in stature as well. She is extremely vocal, and makes sure her voice is heard. She has many different sounds, and we enjoy conversations together daily. I can hardly remember what life was like before Shera was brought into my home. She is a ray of sunshine and I am truly grateful to have her. I think she has given my other cat a sense of purpose and companionship that she so needed.

Staff: Kristen Powers
Home: San Diego, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 29, 2008

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