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Hunter at 2 Years

"Hey, can you grab me another brewskie before the third quarter of this Dolphin's game ends?”
Boo at 2 Years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male
Favorite Food: FlintRiver and that scrumpshous "Kitty Krack" called Bonita Flakes from FlintRiver.com.
Favorite Activities: Playing Hide and Seek with the other cat.
Favorite Place to Sleep: With mom.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He's the door greater and plays fetch until the person is tired out.
Story: When he was a baby, he was brought to a no-kill rescue shelter when he was 6 weeks old with his mom. In between cages in the shelter, he has lived in an 8’x8’ room for 2 years with about 7-9 other cats. He's interacted with only strangers 5 minutes at a time (strangers that may have prospected in taking him home). Well, this Good Friday, 2008, and after 2 years at the shelter, Hunter’s day came to be taken "home." I adopted him (first as a foster and then permanently as one of the family). This is the no-kill shelter that had the fire two weeks before I adopted him (he was one of the lucky ones who survived). Three cats were killed from smoke inhalation. I can't begin to tell you how happy he is. Both cats are inseparable. Hunter just won't stop purring, walking over everything (including me), and kneading in his new blanket. Just since adoption a few months ago, he experienced his first taste of outdoors and sunshine (on my porch) in two years and his first taste of tuna (oh what a treat)!
He has gold eyes and looks like a miniature black panther.

Breed: TonkineseGender: Male
Full Name: Sabastian
Favorite Food: Flint River Bonita Flakes.
Favorite Activities: Playing fetch, watching birdies, lounging on the balcony, and hiding out.
Favorite Place to Sleep: With mom as well, and up under the bed in the box springs.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Besides playing fetch (also), sitting and standing up on my hind legs when mom says “sit up,” also doing summersalts (those are fun).
Story: Mom got me from a breeder in Orlando (I never got to see disneyworld though). I’m really happy hear on the intercoastal watching the pelicans and boats go by. P.S. I like being chased by my little brother, and playing hide and seek.

Staff: Abbie Martin
Home: Hypoluxo, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: June 29, 2008

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