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Carys at 6 Years

Seamus at 5 Years

Vacha at 9 Years

Breed: Shetland SheepdogGender: Male
Favorite Activities: He likes barking at anything, especially deer that come into the yard, or imaginary things that go bump in the night! He HATES to have his picture taken.
Vacha would prefer to be an only dog, and doesn't really care to associate with the others in case someone might notice he's not human.

Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Female
Favorite Activities: She loves to walk, hunt, and EAT!
Favorite Place to Sleep: She's a total baby, and wakes us up at night so we can lift her up onto the couch to sleep!
She believes all cats, squirrels, and UPS drivers are her natural prey and should kindly come within her reach to be caught and done away with!

Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Male
Favorite Food: Sam had a really bad GAS problem when he came to live with us, and after 6 weeks on Flint River Ranch, this problem is virtually gone (much to our relief).
Favorite Activities: Sammy has an obsession with his Kong ball, and is learning about the Joy of Squirrels from his new sister Carys. Interestingly, we have found that Sam loves to watch cartoons and the aquarium fish!
Story: Seamus, AKA Sam-I-Am, is a rescue Scottie who came to us the first part of November. We are not sure who rescued whom. We had just lost our 10-year-old Scottie Angus to a virulent cancer and we were devastated and missed him so badly, when we were contacted about this 5-year-old neutered male who needed a home.

Staff: David and Sara Volk
Home: Sherwood, ND
Date Entered into Gallery: December 30, 2003

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