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Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Story: Oreo was hit by a truck when she was eight weeks old and the driver didn’t even know they had hit her. The lady in the car behind pulled over (as did the next 10 cars) and she took this little kitten to our local vet, Dr. Betts. She was in such bad shape they were just going to put her to sleep, but his medical team said NO – we are going to save this little kitten. So he said okay, prep her for surgery. They did surgery trying to save her left hind leg (they put a little cast on it) and also tried to save her tail.

Well the leg died and she tried eating it off (as they will do) so again she had to go back into surgery and they had to remove her leg and her tail. So for weeks after that she was just in a cage at the vets office, with all the noise of the other hurting animals, and a friend called and asked us to come down and at least look at her. The evet said he would only keep her alive for 24 more hours because by now she was so scared and UNTRUSTING of humans (of course) so if they put her down on the floor she would RUN and hid under anything. By now she was about 11 weeks old. They figure her mama was just a barn cat. So this vet and his medical team spent all this time to save a life of a kitten that had NO home, thus meaning, of course, that they would get nothing in payment.

At the time we weren’t really interested in a pet, but told our friend we would go look at her. Well you guessed it, we walked in there and held that little one pound kitten with stitches everywhere and there was NO way we were leaving there without taking her home. At home she would do the same as at the vet’s office, run and hide under anything. Mainly the large cushions on our couch. It didn’t’ take long and she had won our hearts and RAN OUR HOUSEHOLD, she bonded with both of us and I have to say, I did not know it was possible to love anything or anyone as much as we love this little girl.

My husband suggested we take a few pictures of her on our phone and take it to our little church where I teach Sunday school and we let the children name her. So they each picked a name and then they all voted… thus where the name Oreo came from.

As you can see by this picture, where we are is where she wants to be. So she has three legs and a nubby tail, but I can assure you there isn’t any place she wants to be that she can’t get. We think if she had a fourth leg, it would just be in her way.

Staff: Jan and Barry McKay
Home: Driggs, ID
Date Entered into Gallery: July 1, 2008

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