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Noble in Spirit
Maximillion at 5 Years

"Happiness is green grass and a tennis ball!"

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 75 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch dog food and pumpkin puree.
Nickname: Max
Favorite Activities: Swimming, running, and chasing tennis balls.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On our bed (he's a bed hog, too! LOL!).
Special Skills or Responsibilities: His capacity to love is boundless and his joy is infectious.
Story: Max was a rescue. We adopted him from Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue (ECGRR) in 2004. As a result of never having been socialized for the first 2-1/2 years of his life, he's a bit on the timid side. However, he's come a LONG way in 4 years! He's very loyal and loving and has even stepped up to warn off other dogs from our yard when our boys were playing in the yard. We'd hoped he'd bond to our children but he's very much a "mommy and daddy" dog, though he's polite, respectful, and affectionate with the boys. He is Tina's "Velcro" dog! We are very blessed to have Max as part of our family.

Staff: John and Tina Baxter
Home: Panama City, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: July 2, 2008

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