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TedEBear (left) and Tessa Sue
At 2 Months

Tessa Sue (left) and TedEBear
At 4 Months

Playing with a Bedsheet That Mom's Sewing
Tessa Sue (left) and TedEBear
At 6 Months

Happy Birthday!
TedEBear (left) and Tessa Sue
At 1 Year

Tessa Sue
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Siberian HuskyGender: Female
Birthday: September 13, 2002
Favorite Activities: I love the snow, and like running in it and eating it. TedEBear doesn't like it, because he gets cold really easily. We have so much fun 'cause nobody believes we are sister and brother, much less from the same litter. I like to play with my little brother, TedEBear (but sometimes I like to pick on him too).
Story: My brother, TedEBear, is quite tiny compaired to me because his thyroid doesn't work properly. There were seven of us in the litter—two other little bitty ones died, but because of a lot of love and attention from Juanita, TedEBear has survived, but he has to take a lot of medication because he has seizures. We all call him a "Miracle Puppy."

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Siberian HuskyGender: Male
Birthday: September 13, 2002
Tessa Sue and I are so happy to "own" Michelle and Juanita. YESSSSS I did say that right! :)

Staff: Michelle and Juanita
Home: Dubuque, IA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 13, 2004

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