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Pretty As a Picture
Lucy at 5 Years

"I love my bone!"
Desi at 8 Months

Breed: BeagleGender: Female
Favorite Food: We had been feeding them a different dog food and Desi didn’t like it and Lucy was not horribly interested either (which for food-motivated beagles is unusual), but since we’ve switched to Flint River Ranch they both seem to enjoy their breakfast and dinner more. We feel safe feeding it to them because it’s all natural and produced in the USA. We also love the online ordering and home delivery it’s so easy, quick, and convenient!
Favorite Activities: Lucy loves naps... especially after our 2 mile morning walk! After naps she loves to chase the ball. She would do it for hours if we would throw it that long. They also love their bones and chew toys.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She can submerge her nose under water and blow bubbles out through her nose while drinking water.

Breed: BeagleGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Desi loves to chase Lucy. When she won’t chase him back he barks at her and kisses her face and rolls around on his back trying to attract her attention. He loves her so much and just wants her to play with him constantly.
Story: We bought both dogs the same day in March. Desi is from a breeder and Lucy is from a beagle rescue. I wanted to rescue and my husband wanted a puppy so the compromise was to get both!

Staff: Jim and Carole
Home: Palm Coast, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: August 6, 2008

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