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He Wears His Santa Garb for the Christmas Party Every Year
George at 5 Years

With a Pair of Younger Students Who Earned Time With George as a Reward From Their Teacher

George Loves to Listen to Children Read

Breed: Old English SheepdogWeight: 100 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch is his favorite.
Favorite Activities: George loves being with people, especially children.
Favorite Place to Sleep: George sleeps either on the love seat sofa in the classroom and the couch at home.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is a trained therapy dog for the classroom.
Story: My husband brought George home one day after being away. He fell in love with him. He was a cuddly ball of fur and still is!

My sister is a dog trainer and said he had the perfect temperament for a therapy dog. Since I work with at-risk students, I asked my principal if George could become a part of our classroom. The students in the class had the task of helping to train George so he would pass his tests to be a therapy dog. The students loved the task and worked very hard with his training. We had a big celebration when George passed all of his requirements to be a therapy dog.

George has a way with children. When a child comes in upset, George will quietly go over to that seat and lay his head on the child's lap. The child strokes his head and before too long he's calmed down and ready for me to work with. When children are at their breaking point they get to walk George and when they come back they've calmed down.

Even staff members come by to get some George time on a stressful day. I don't think I could be as successful as I am with this program without George. My past students still come by school and my house to visit and play with George.

Staff: Barbara Brown
Home: Westminster, SC
Date Entered into Gallery: August 22, 2008

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