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Stella at 18 Months

Stella at 6 Months

Breed: Boston TerrierGender: Female
Registered Name: Elements PK Stella Luna.
Story: I had a Boston male that I'd had for 15 years. He passed away July of '07 and I swore I would wait a year before getting another dog, at least 9 months. I had been in touch with a local breeder just to let her know that my old boy wasn't going to be around long and that I wanted to be on her spring litter list of 2008. We hadn't talked in months and she had no idea that Harvey passed but for some reason, she called me out of the blue only a week after Harv passed. She said, "I have an 8 week old baby boy named Harold that I had sold to a breeder that we use but... I just don't feel comfortable having Harold with this person so... I am getting him back and I want you to have him". How could I say no to a phone call out of the blue and a dog named "Harold", so close to "Harvey"? So, my husband and I went to take a peek.

Harold was absolutely adorable but... Stella, for whatever reason, caught our eye. She was 6 months old and beautiful! We asked the breeder what her story was and they said, "Well, we just got her back from her owner last night. I picked her up after work and brought her home. The owners didn't want her because she had won her first two shows but lost her third puppy show. Yes, she is for sale". We didn't hesitate.

We don't show dogs so the fact that she is larger than the average breed didn't bother us at all. The moral of the story is, we weren't looking for her but she definitely found us. It was all to weird, the way she came to be in our home. I've never had kids so you can imagine how spoiled rotten she is! She is the biggest joy to my husband and I. I now have friends that are buying Bostons too!

Staff: Tiffany Clemons
Home: Meridian, ID
Date Entered into Gallery: October 2, 2008

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